About Us


We are a family business registered since 2000. We are engaged in trade, retail and wholesale. As general distributors since 2010, we offer high quality anatomical leather footwear. The LEDI brand offers a large selection of anatomical leather clogs, slippers and wool slippers. The main categories of our products are men’s and women’s program. With the help of newer and higher quality machines, our products are made of natural leather, wood and olyurethane. Soles, wood and polyurethane are anatomical-orthopedic, so they have a great effect on the joints of the legs and spine. The products are of modern design and are produced in different colors. We have a unique and modern production cycle, which meets the highest possible standards in production and environmental protection. All our products are manufactured in the Ledi Anatomic factory located in Uzveće, Šabac, Serbia.


As a material we use Italian leather of the best quality. The materials of our products meet environmental standards and do not leave any harmful effects onthe feet.

Our products have a wide application in healthcare and other industries, such as work, protective and recreational footwear.